Father Aniello Salicone, SX

Celebrating Healing

We welcome Fr. Aniello Salicone to this year’s conference where he will share his experience of how God has called him to special ministry. Fr. Aniello’s presentation will be thought-provoking and humorous. You will delight and be inspired when he touches on God’s infinite love for all of us. Fr. Salicone will be available for individual healing prayer for all those in attendance.

Father Aniello Salicone of the Xaverian Missionaries was born in Italy in 1940. In 1952 he entered a Minor Seminary because he wanted to become a priest. In 1961 he left the Pontifical Seminary of Salerno (Italy) to join the Xaverian Missionaries in Parma. He was ordained a priest in 1966. He has served in Italy, London, West Africa and many states throughout the United States most recently at St. Therese in Chinatown. Fr. Salicone is currently the assistant to the Rector at the Xaverian house in Franklin, Wisconsin.

Fr. Aniello began his healing ministry in 1995 after an extraordinary personal experience of God’s love for each person. He has being doing healing masses in through the United States and in Italy. He feels that his main duty is to speak about the personal love of God for each person.

In September 2005, he went to Medjugorje with John and Colleen Willard for the third anniversary of Colleen’s extraordinary physical healing. Father Aniello had encouraged Colleen to go to Medjugorje where she would see His Glory. She went and was healed from seven terminal illnesses. In September 2007, John and Colleen Willard took Father Aniello with them again to Medjugorje. In June 2008, Father Aniello became a United States citizen. As of July 1, 2010 Fr. Aniello has been at the Xaverian Missionary House in Franklin, WI, where he serves as the Assistant to the Rector and Vocations Director.

Fr. Salicone died in 2020 of COVID. Here is a tribute page from his family.