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The St. Thomas Aquinas Society is built upon a foundation of prayer. It is believed that God has answered the prayers of many people through St. Thomas Aquinas Society. For this reason, without even realizing your importance to STAS, if you have prayed for or contributed to STAS in any way, you are a significant part of this spiritual foundation, and therefore, the success of God’s grace reaching out to those whom He wants to touch. STAS is God’s work and it’s spiritual successes are God’s accomplishments with your prayers and support. You will definitely receive the blessing of God for the support of His ministry.

Membership means praying for the success of STAS, sharing the invitations to STAS events, being able to assist in the events, and receiving God’s blessings for your participation. It is His ministry. The successes and continued offerings of STAS since its founding in 1991 clearly show that this is God’s work. Our focus is on the Spiritual Works of Mercy, with the hope that people who are fed spiritually will then reach out with the Corporal Works of Mercy to family, friends and community.We do need members for the continued success and advancement of the spiritual outreach of STAS. Please become a member. We need you

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