History of Saint Thomas Aquinas Society


The St. Thomas Aquinas Society began in June of 1991 when Therese Lorentz woke up one morning with the name St. Thomas Aquinas Society in her mind and an understanding to start a prayer group. Discerning the meaning of this name, it was decided that the St. Thomas Aquinas Society would have a twofold focus of prayer and education. Having St. Thomas Aquinas for a patron saint represented a straightforward approach to our Catholic Faith.

At that time, Therese Lorentz wrote to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Colorado Springs, Bishop Richard Hanifen, to inform him of her intentions to start a prayer group. Rev. John Slattery, then Vicar General, acknowledged Therese’s letter on behalf of Bishop Hanifen.

Though the scope of the Society was not fully understood in its beginnings, a decision was made that all spiritual events of the Society would be offered without a required fee so that no one would ever be excluded. All funds for these events are raised through donations and the fund raising efforts of the membership.

It was also decided that membership would have no required fee or obligation. It is clearly recognized that St. Thomas Aquinas Society is for the variety of membership in the Mystical Body of Christ. Members of the Society are composed of those persons who wish to assist the work of the Society through the first and most important pillar of strength which is prayer; through time and talent shared; and through financial support, when possible.

Those who have supported the Society in any of the above mentioned areas of participation are considered by the Society as Members and are remembered in the prayers of the Society.

History of Smaller Quality Events

2022 to Present

April 2022 Roy Schoeman

April 2022 Roy Schoeman

Divine Mercy Sunday, April 24, St. Joseph Church in Salida.An Evening with Roy Schoeman, April 25, St. Peter Church in Monument.Roy’s Witness Testimony, April 26, the John Henry Newman Center. Pictured at St. Peter in...