Kelly Nieto

Catholic Convert. Miss America runner-up. Master Story Teller.

We are really sorry to inform you that Kelly Nieto will not be attending our conference this year.
Kelly was planning to come, but has been advised by her pulmonologist that she cannot fly now. Kelly has a lung condition that she originally suffered a few years ago, but it is giving her problems again with bacteria present. Please keep Kelly and her doctors in your prayers. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you, even though we’ve tried our best to inform everyone as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding.

Catholic Convert. Miss America runner-up. Master Story Teller.

For 35 long years, Kelly wanted nothing to do with God. She was an agnostic “New Ager” who participated in séances and used psychics on a regular basis. Jesus, Christianity, and Faith were things that Kelly shunned, and even made fun of at times.

But God had a different plan for Kelly! After a life-changing conversion and vision from God in 2000, Kelly was called to create and produce Cross & Light, an international, critically acclaimed musical and multi-sensory video experience of Jesus’ death, resurrection and the coming of the holy spirit on Pentecost touring nationwide.

Kelly has spent the past 18 years sharing her hilarious con-version story from life on the road as a Miss America runner- up and Talent Winner, opening act for Garth Brooks, and visionary New Age Princess to finding peace and purpose in her life as the mother of 5 amazing children and Executive Producer of Cross and Light.