Father Bill Halbing Tribute

We pay tribute to Fr. Bill Halbing who passed away on Monday, February 21, 2022 from a heart attack.

I am happy for Fr. Bill, but I sure miss him. I am sure you miss him too.

Photo from our Be Not Afraid Conference
August 3, 2012

He loved our annual conference and often said that it was his Christmas every year!  He loved participating and also loved being with STAS family.  By now, we truly are family.

Everyone would look forward to seeing Fr. Bill every year.  He fed us spiritually and also kept us laughing and looking up.

Annie Karto and Fr. Bill at the Dinner with the Speakers during our In the Love of the Trinity Conference.  Also pictured are Ramona Rosales and Kathy Herbers.

Laughter with Fr. Bill, Patrick Campbell and son Talon.

Refuge by Annie Karto with Fr. Bill Halbing Sentiments

An impromptu moment recorded in fun with Fr. Bill at the Colorado Springs conference July 2021.  It is an interview with Annie Karto and Patrick and Joy Campbell. Very fun and we know you will enjoy it!   Fast forward to minute 44:00 to view.