H. Anthony Chan

Eucharistic Adoration

H. Anthony Chan (PhD, Univ of Maryland, College Park) is currently Professor and Dean in the School of Computing and Information Science at Caritas Institute of Higher Education in Hong Kong. He had spent 15 years in research at the former AT&T Bell Labs. He then began witnessing God’s gift in science and technology to counteract the ingratitude and misuse of gifts today. He moved to South Africa as a professor at the University of Cape Town to help the Africans bridge the Digital Divide and develop, but also appreciate God’s gift of intelligence. Despite his busy life, Anthony invests time for an intimate relationship with Jesus through regular adoration, which enriches his daily life.

Anthony was brought up in a Catholic family, and his brother is a priest. He has played numerous lay leader roles for the past 40 years, and has been attending daily Mass since year 2000. After moving back to US in 2007 to continue his research career, he had been to over 50 cities/towns to promote Eucharistic adoration by giving witnesses and communicating with 6000 people through emails. In his profession, he is a Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE), and a Distinguished Speaker of IEEE Com Society.