Tony Melendez Concert

August 3, 2017 at 7:00pm

Pikes Peak Center
190 Cascade Ave
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Please help spread the word about this amazing concert and conference, a gift from God to you!

Will we have tickets for the Tony Melendez concert?

NO.  We are stepping out in faith for this concert.

We will need your support for our conference and also for the concert. We will have fund raising suggestions in a future E-newsletter, so sign up today!  We hope you will respond.

If a person or a business would like to sponsor the Tony Melendez concert on August. 3, 2017, we would be glad to acknowledge that sponsorship on the flyers and promotional materials for a $10,000 donation.

Of course, your prayers are a great part of the foundation of St. Thomas Aquinas Society, but your financial support is also necessary as you know.


Tony Melendez

To Give Hope to All The People

"I can’t explain why people have been moved to tears, as my feet slowly apply pressure to the face and neck of my guitar something happens. For as long as I could remember these toes of mine have been like fingers. God somehow has blessed me with music and the desire to persevere."

Originally from Rivas, Nicaragua, Tony was born without arms and he had a clubbed foot due to the drug, Thalidomide. Tony's mother was prescribed this drug for morning sickness by her doctor and had no idea how it would affect her unborn son. At the age of one Tony's family immigrated to the USA so Tony could have corrective surgery on his left foot in order for him to walk.

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